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Gold Celeste is a Norwegian psychedelic pop band blending an animated and vibrant sonic palate of refreshing guitars, nimble drums, frisky bass guitars, bursting synths and organs, and earnest, lyrical vocals.

Their expression draws inspiration from the crispy lo-fi sounds of their peers from the 60s, the eccentrics and adventurers of the 70s, the DIY indie-gazers and dissident hip-hoppers of the 80s and 90s, thus constituting an acutely contemporary and picturesque soundtrack, a tropical haven you can bring your culturally and socially alienated friends and families to.

Golden times, celestial vibes!



Open Your Eyes (2015)

Digital single
cover gold celeste can of worms

Can of worms (2015)

Digital single


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Sleep Party People is Danish multiinstrumentalist Brian Batz’ musical foray into happiness, darkness and otherworldly bliss.

Drawing influences from Cocteau Twins, Portishead, My Bloody Valentine and Flaming Lips among others, Brian Batz manoeuvres his songs through landscapes that are ethereal, sunlit and kaleidoscopic, but with darkness clearly visible. Dystopian escapism alongside dreamy atmospherics.

Sleep Party People has, since forming in 2010, released two well-received albums and played too many concerts to count, establishing them as one of the most exciting European bands out there giving them extremely dedicated fans from all over the world. Their unique live perfomances see the live band wear their trademark mysterious rabbit masks and create an original and rare atmosphere.


cover sleep party people floating lp

Floating (2014)

12" LP


draape small image

Oslo five-piece Dråpe (pronounced 'Draw-peh') have established themselves as one of Scandianavia's most exciting young bands since their unanimously acclaimed "Dråpe EP" was released in 2011, impressing furthermore with the release of their debut album "Canicular Days" in april 2013. The band subsequently followed the great reviews up with even better shows at festivals such as Roskilde, Øya and Reeperbahn Festival.

Dråpe's 'Canicular Days' was instantly hailed as one this year's best Norwegian albums and received quite a lot of attention both in Norway and abroad. 9 songs filled with hypnotic, weightless and colorful dreampop, combining blissful and sparkling shoegaze inspired soundscapes with singers Ketil and Hanne's lush and alluring vocals.

Dråpe on second single 'Memories': "This song just happened to come about while we were recording our album and was nicknamed "the dance song". Someone once said that it's the perfect song for some good old fashioned linedancing, but yeah - we've still to see anything like that at our shows (except when singer and guitarist Ketil gets in the right mood backstage, that is). It's is a feel-good song, with a sense of fragility lurking just beneath the surface. The song is basically about the waking up a little late on a Sunday and letting your mind fly backwards through last nights ups and downs."

'Canicular Days' was recorded at Greener Productions in Trondheim, Norway, mixed by Bjarne Stensli at Harrys Gym Recording Studio and mastered by Grammy winner Brad Blackwood (Calexico, Alison Kraus, Against Me).


cover draape pstereo

Together We Are Pstereo (2015)

digital singel
cover draape canicular days lp

Canicular Days (2013)

12" LP
cover draape blueskies lp

Blue Skies (2013)

7" singel
cover draape memories lp

Memories (2013)

digital singel

Dråpe EP (2011)

digital & CD


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Snøskred are warm and sunkissed, extroverted and kaleidoscopic indierock with an engaging, eclectic and exuberant musical undertow. Songs range from bright and shiny to full-on noise rock with hints of shoegaze, often within the same song.

The Trondheim, Norway, four-piece are inspired by many of the great indie artists from the nineties, but manage to bring something unique to the table, blending equal parts noise and improvisation in with their upbeat indie sound.

Snøskred released their critically acclaimed debut album «Whiteout» in 2012, an album filled with noisy guitars, seductive synths, pounding drums and rumbling bass. Snøskred received received lots of positive blog attention internationally for «Whiteout» and it’s two singles «We Are» and «Come Closer», but also for their live shows. Renowned websites Brooklyn Vegan and Mojo Magazine both had Snøskred on their top lists after seeing them live at by:Larm 2012.


cover snoskred whiteout

Whiteout (2012)

12" LP
cover snoskred we are

We are (2012)

7" single
cover snoskred come closer

Come Closer (2012)

Digital album


therese aune small image

Therese Aune plays expressive dream pop with influences from both mainstream indie and classical minimalism. Cinematic soundscapes where melodic beauty and sophisticated playfulness go hand in hand.

Whilst writing the songs herself, Therese Aune brought along a whole score of great musical friends when recording the album, all of which contribute to the album's subtle, but stunning, beauty. Ida Løvli Hidle (accordion), Hanna Furuseth (violin), Katrine Schiøtt (cello), Heida Karine Mobeck (tuba) and Hans Hulbækmo (drums) accompany Therese as she sings, plays the piano and harmonium.

Therese's music is elegant, seamless, and full of small surprises and dramatic moments. It feels warm, enveloping and compelling, with a slightly ominous shimmer surrounding it, all contributing to a wonderfully haunting album.

Her short musical career has taken Therese to SXSW in Texas, CMJ in New York, Iceland Airwaves (ICE), Popkomm (DE), by:Larm (NO) aswell as a vast array of cities around Europe, amongst them Moscow, Paris, Oslo and Berlin.

Therese Aunes debut album, out November 9th, 2012, is produced and mixed by Icelandic superproducer Mio Þórisson (Björk, Owen Pallett, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Ane Brun).


cover therese aune cocoon

Cocoon EP(2015)

12" EP
cover therese aune hedina

Hedina (2015)

Digital single


einar stray orchestra small image

Einar Stray Orchestra are despite their young age one of Norway's most experienced, playful and exciting acts. With over 150 concerts abroad in recent years Einar, Åsa, Simen, Julie and Lars are well-known for their captivating live shows, filling concert halls and clubs all over Europe.

Einar Stray Orchestra’s sophomore album «Politricks» is an album full of sunkissed, sophisticated indie and orchestral post rock with dark and melancholic undertows.

The album tells stories of how the innocence of youth crash lands as one gets older, wiser and perhaps more disillusioned. Musically Einar Stray Orchestra has evolved from their critically lauded debut album «Chiaroscuro». «Politricks» shows the band moving closer towards melodic indie pop without losing the distinct character that made 2011s «Chiaroscuro» a favorite among fans and critics at home and abroad.


cover einar stray orchestra politricks

Politricks (2014)

12" LP
cover einar stray orchestra montreal

Montreal (2014)

Digital single
cover einar stray orchestra politricks single

Politricks (2012)

Digital single
cover einar stray orchestra chiaroscuro

Chiaroscuro (2011)



ludvigmoon small image

Ludvig Moon plays kaleidoscopic indie pop nostalgia with sparkling melodies and complex instrumentation - though lyrically darker than one might expect, Ludvig Moons song’s channel a perfect blend of ramshackle and catchy extroverted charm.

Inspired by great albums such as The Smashing Pumpkins’ «Siamese Dream», Motorpsychos “Timothys’s Monster” and The Flaming Lips’ “The Soft Bulletin” Ludvig Moon have a soft spot for the grandiose and epic. Ludvig Moon’s selftitled debut EP is colourful, filled with murky bliss and memorable melodies that go straight for the heart.

Ludvig Moon have already played at a host of Norway’s most prestigious festivals and are seen as one of the country’s most promising new bands according to various Norwegian tastemakers. The last year Ludvig Moon has played with bands such as Youth Lagoon, Smith Westerns, Reptile Youth and Half Moon Run. This fall Norwegian indie stars Team Me have handpicked Ludvig Moon to be their support band on their upcoming tour.


cover ludvig moon ep

Ludvig Moon EP (2014)

Digital EP


scarlet chives small image

Danish indie quartet Scarlet Chives make trippy shoegaze-y indiepop, insistent melodies covered in noise-filled electronic textures with dark and introspective lyrics about the need for protection, both from outer and inner foes.

This unnerving feeling was something the band set out to find when they travelled to a tiny forest village in neighbouring Sweden to write songs for their sophomore album "This Is Protection" (released autumn 2013), an album that invites the listener into a fascinating and sinister universe that unfolds right in front of your eyes with singer Maria Holm Mortensen's insisting voice at the centre of it all.

"This Is Protection" was preceeded by music videos for the two leading singles "The Timber Will Fall" and "Some Days Stay". Both videos caused quite a stirr when they were banned from both Youtube and Facebook because of their graphic nature.

Following the release of "This Is Protection" Scarlet Chives toured Scandinavia, receiving nothing less than two full score reviews for their live shows and later an nomination as Alternative Band Of The Year in Denmark.

"This Is Protection" was mixed by Brian Batz, recorded by the band itself and mastered by Grammy winner Brian Lucey (Black Keys, The Shins, Sigur Ros, David Lynch).

Scarlet Chives' selftitled debut album (2011) was produced by Paul Schroeder (The Verve, Stone Roses) and mixed by Schroeder and band member Brian Batz, better known by his artist alter-ego Sleep Party People. This album received a lot of attention and made them an unlikely Danish success in their neighbouring country of Norway.


cover scarlet chives this is protection

This is Protection (2013)

Digital album
cover scarlet chives the timber will fall

The Timber Will Fall (2013)

Digital single
cover scarlet chives scarlet chives

Scarlet Chives (2011)

12# LP


tellef raabe small image

Wise, wistful, eclectic and catchy indie darkness - inspired by everything and anything from Joy Division to Majical Cloudz, Bear In Heaven and Neil Young. Tellef Raabe's distinct baryton and laconic style emphasizes his lyrical musings and stand in perfect symbiotic contrast to the more upbeat arrangement of the songs.

His unique combination of dark folk and weird pop, as well as his deep and rich voice, has attracted the attention of many over the past year. Touring with his five-piece band, his reputation as a live artist is growing steadily as well. Raabe's work with producer Njål Paulsberg (Young Dreams) has resulted in three singles, all to critical acclaim. The songs have been remixed by e.g. Pandreas and Stockhaus. Tellef Raabe is also composing instrumental music for film, radio documentaries and theatre. He is currently working on his debut album.


cover tellef raabe dear aphrodite

Dear Aphrodite (2015)

Digital single


pelbo small image

PELBO is violent and sophisticated tubas, exploding drums and sensational vocals; loopstations, fuzz pedals and hypnotizing beats - played by an extremely talented and uniquely exciting young Norwegian trio.

Since PELBO released their debut album in March 2010, things have only gone one way. Thousands of cd's sold, sold out shows all over Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, tours in Germany, concerts in Malaysia and much more in a couple of years culminating with PELBOs debut album being nominated for the Norwegian Grammys.

Pelbo’s second album Days Of Transcendence was recorded under ominous clouds and pelting rain, and proves to be a sparkling silhouette of a young and exciting band on top of their game. A well received debut album followed by 80 concerts at home and abroad and a Norwegian Grammy nomination; these last few years culminated with Pelbo being labeled as one of Norway’s most exciting and promising bands.

When the dust settled Pelbo set about creating what has become Days of Transcendence. Instead of making another album in the vein of their critically acclaimed debut, Pelbo went in a completely different direction – setting up camp on a small island off the Western coast of Norway, reinventing themselves and and revealing a more complex and fearless side to their music. The record shows Pelbo the way Ine Hoem (vocals), Kristoffer Lo (tuba) and Trond Bersu (drums) want to be perceived with an album that’s dark and uncompromising yet still full of a delicious pop sensibility.

Days Of Transcendence is produced by Norwegian noise/jazz guru Stian Westerhus together with Pelbo and mastered by Helge Sten (Deathprod). CD and LP covers are hand drawn by the street art collective Skurktur from Trondheim, Norway.


cover pelbo days of transcendendce

Days of Transcendence (2011)

12" LP
cover pelbo pelbo

Pelbo (2010)



okay easy small image

OKAY EASY plays krautrock inspired indie pop with cosmic undertones, noisy shoegaze and subtle industrial hints. With members from great Danish indie bands like Ulige Numre, Scarlet Chives, October Dance and Mother Lewinsky, and guest artists such as Sleep Party People, Eske Nymann, Kristian Paulsen and Nicolai Elsberg this band truly is a best-of selection when it comes to Danish underground music.

OKAY EASY’s music is inspired by krautrock greats Neu!, Can, Cluster alongside newer indie names like Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem and Animal Collective.


cover okayeasy long play 1

Long Play 1 (2015)

Digital album
cover okayeasy the darkroom

The Dark Room (Featuring Sleep Party People) (2015)

Digital Single


ice cream cathedral image

"Space Pop" might sound a bit airy as genre, but as a self-invented description of the music by Copenhagen three piece Ice Cream Cathedral it is nevertheless precise. Noisy effects, sparkling chords and prominent vocal expressions meet and collide in Ice Cream Cathedral’s delicately feminine and musically potent universe that takes you by the hand and at the same time strives far out into the atmosphere.

Travelling to the unexplored borderland between kraut rock, 60‘s pop, acid and IDM, Ice Cream Cathedral orbits into the outer spheres with the futuristic spacepop of their international debut, "Sudden Anatomy". Mysterious soundscapes and dreamlike melodies are led by the delicately and confident vocal of Anja T. Lahrmann as the spaceship travels at the drums’ insistingly intense pulsing pace. Ice Cream Cathedral brings the dimness of shoegaze and electronic music together with the soaring lightness of dreampop in the highly dynamic songs of Sudden Anatomy.


cover ice cream cathedral sudden anatomy

Sudden Anatomy (2014)

12" LP
cover ice cream cathedral the swans

The Swans (2014)

Digital single
cover ice cream cathedral reworks

Reworks (2013)

Digital EP
cover ice cream cathedral imprint

Imprint (2013)

Digital EP


amish 82 small image

Amish 82 - true children of the new electro wave. Happiness vs darkness, 1986 vs 2011. Retrofuturism vs classy modernism.

2011's debut album "There Is A Solitude Of Space" is a fullblown flirt with 80’s aesthetics, perfect summer nights, personal darkness, space travel, the cold war, long-drinks and youthfull fearlessness. Amish 82s sophomore album 'So We Must Meet Apart' explores darker themes than their exuberant debut, more gloomy and introvert but still filled with Amish 82s trademark elegance.


cover amish82 swmma

So We Must Meet Apart (2012)

Digital album
cover a82 even stardom

Even Stardum (2011)

Digital single
cover amish82 there is a solitude of space

There Is A Solitude Of Space (2011)

cover a82 croco

Crocodile (Featuring Conor Patrick) (2011)

Digital single


sunswitch small image

Sunswitch is Kristoffer Lo, Trond Frønes and Tomas Järmyr. Together they have created a three-headed monster that's impossibly impressive. To make things clear: Sunswitch will never be mainstream favourites, but they deserve their reputation as one of the most uncompromising, cacophonous and unique bands out there.

Inspired by sounds such as Sunn O))), Sleep, Earth and Noxagt, Sunswitch will blow you away with their dark post-apocalyptic esthetics and sounds. With a total lack of respect Sunswitch will submerge you into a dark world that'll frighten, overwhelm and ultimately embrace you within itself.

Somewhere between doom metal and gloomy post-rock Trond, Kristoffer and Tomas set out to create somethings very different and distinctive you won´t have heard before. Surging bass guitars, distorted layers of tuba and unpredictably heavy drums become sounds so full of haunted bass frequencies that neither body nor soul is left unharmed.

Sunswitch released their debut album November 16, 2012. Mixing and mastering was done by Magnus Lindberg, known from the Swedish band Cult Of Luna. Lindberg has also worked with musical heroes such as Switchblade, Refused and Totalt Jävla Mörker.


cover sunswitch sunswitch

Sunswitch (2012)

12" LP


angelicas elegy image

In between sparkling guitars and dusty keys you might spot a melody Thom Yorke lost, a beat Madlib forgot or maybe the spirit of Trish Keenan of Broadcast? Throw in some Disneyesque backing vocals, noisy guitars and otherwordly voices, and you get a wonderfully inventive blend of melancholic lo-fi grandeur from one of the best bands around.

Angelica's Elegy released their debut album Gold Celeste in march, 2013, to great critical acclaim, ending up on loads of the "best of"-lists at the end of the year.


cover angelicas elegy gold celeste

Gold Celeste (2013)

12" LP
cover angelicas elegy rewind all your footsteps

Rewind All Your Footsteps (2013)

Digital single
cover angelicas elegy fuse and a spark

Fuse And A Spark (2013)

Digital single
cover angelicas elegy cognitive dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance (2011)

10" EP


highasakite small image

Highasakite's Scandinavian debut album "All That Floats Will Rain" was released by Riot Factory in march 2012 and received rave reviews all over, some calling it "album of the year" and "no song on this album is redundant, it's all brilliantly brought to life. This, ladies and gentlemen, is pop music!" (Norwegian broadsheet Dagbladet). The album also brought them a Norwegian Grammy nomination and huge amounts of international attention along with high profile festival shows and tours all over Europe and USA.

The band's second and (international debut) album "Silent Treatment" (Propeller) lifted the band even further and is currently hailed as one of the finest indie albums of 2014.


cover highasakite all that floats will rain

All That Floats Will Rain (2012)



bendik small image

Norwegian electronic indierock band Bendik released their debut album in august 2012 and immediately established themselves as one of Norway's most exciting live bands.


cover bendik drømmen gir meg ingenting

Drømmen Gir Meg Ingenting (2012)

12" LP
cover bendik og at den som mistet drømmene skulle bli meg

Og At Den Som Mistet Drømmene Skulle Bli Meg (2011)

10" EP


the hex small image

Norwegian hardcore band The Hex play with a fierce and hardhitting attitude. Debut album "Tyrannosaurus Hex" and sophomore release "Bringing Guns To A Knife Fight" showcase the band's trademark arctic hardcore with songs full of bombast and melodic blasts.

Hailing from the small Norwegian mining town of Narvik, far north of the Arctic Circle, The Hex bring an uncompromising punk attitude and a huge dose of Northern Norwegian grit to their music - filling it with energetic outbursts and melodic explosions. The Hex' music is hard-hitting and melodic, uncompromising and catchy. Pounding drums, aggressive guitars and driving melodies - The Hex will take you by surprise, punch you in the face, make your blood boil and adrenaline flow.


cover the hex bringing guns to a knife fight

Bringing Guns To A Night Fight (2012)

12" LP
cover the hex tyrannosaurus hex

Tyrannosaurus Hex (2011)



sameblod small image

Wild arctic nature. Big city pulse. Fearless synthesizers, miles and miles of reverb, and delicate rhythms. Delicious swedish synthpop made by two guys from Gothenburg by way of San Francisco, USA and the cold northern regions of Sweden.


cover sameblod swoon

Swoon (2013)

10" EP
cover sameblod braided memos

Braided Memos (2012)

Digital album
cover sameblod ur road

UR Road (2012)

Digital single


farao small image

Norwegian songstress Farao first appeared in January 2013 with a free download of haunting track ‘Forces’. Her fragile and otherworldly tone instantly connected with fans and the media, picking up tastemaker support from The Line Of Best Fit’s editor-in-chief, Rich Thane and radio support as Lauren Laverne’s ‘MPFree track of the day’ on her BBC 6music show.

Farao’s strong ties to Iceland brought her to Reykjavik to record her debut EP (out in february 2014) with Mike Lindsay from Tunng. Amongst the songs from the EP we find single ‘Tell A Lie’, released in november 2013. Farao has described the single as “A song about the effects of dishonesty on a relationship.” ‘Skin’, another track from the forthcoming EP, received great reviews when it debuted in the spring of 2013, picking up kind words from all over the place including The Line Of Best Fit, The 405 and Clash Magazine.

‘Tell A Lie’ and Farao was also picked up by Norwegian national broadcaster NRK P3 and chosen as one of the 5 most promising new acts in 2013.

Farao had a really busy 2013 playing 78 concerts in 11 different countries, many of them spent on the road with artist such as Karl Hyde (Underworld), Norway’s Moddi and Icelanding artist Ásgeir as well as making appearances at various UK festivals including The Great Escape and Secret Garden Party.


cover farao ep

Farao EP (2014)

12" EP
cover farao tell a lie

Tell A Lie (2013)

Digital single


riot boys

Riot Factory is a Norwegian indie label based in Trondheim and Oslo. When we´re not at home in Norway, we live in a castle in the Swiss Alps. Riot Factory works with bands that make magic. Music that rebels against indifference. Some times we throw parties and make sure that there's enough cake for everyone.

We love music so if you feel like sending us a demo we're happy to listen. And, if you tell us something about yourself and your musical plans at the same time we'll be extra happy. Btw, being a nice and cool person helps. Obviously.

Arne, Jonny & Stian